Address of Tajik NGOs on environment situation in Central Asia


Dear friends!

According to information released to the media, the International Conference titled "Trans-boundary Environmental Problems of Central Asia: Application of International Legal Mechanisms for Their Solution" is to be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on November 16 – 17, 2010. This Conference is initiated by the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan. According to the conference program, participants will make special trips to the region of the Aral Sea and Surkhandarya, to alleged zone of adverse environmental impact of Tajik Aluminum Company (TALCO).

It is surprising, that in contravention of a nature of this event that is claimed the international conference and the intention to discuss cross-border issues, which according to international practice assumes the involvement of all stakeholders, to date, as we know, neither government agencies nor public and independent ecological movement of Tajikistan have received an invitation to participate at the conference. How can the challenges of trans-boundary waters be discussed without representatives of other bordering countries, whose interests are directly affected by the theme of the conference?

We acknowledge the right of conference organizers to express their opinion, but we expect reciprocal respect and recognition of our right to put forward our arguments and evidences to protect our own point of view.

Representatives of the Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan continually express the need for consultation and signing of new agreements and conduct of joint examinations, however no any real proposals of Uzbekistan have been received in this regard so far.

And now, when it would be right time to pass from words to deeds and put in place constructive dialogue with the participation of experts, organizers of the conference considered it unnecessary to invite colleagues from Tajikistan.

Last statements made by representatives of the Uzbek side on our hydropower projects and emissions by our plant facilities leave no doubts that the conference will be focused on unfounded criticism of Tajikistan’s position. According to explicit orientation of statements and actions made and carried out by Ecological Movement of Uzbekistan, another “show” is being prepared now that falls within the area of ecological bogeyman stories about “turn water tap on the rivers” and “toxic clouds of fluorine” at border zones. As is known, the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and other international instruments require states that have adopted a commitment, to respect the principles of constructive cooperation and equal dialogue in their relations on an international level in order to resolve arising problems. Cooperation evasion on managing environmental challenges of regional significance is nothing but a violation of these universally recognized norms.

Based on the aforesaid, we suppose that unilateral and biased interpretation of the state of affairs and groundless accusation of Tajikistan’s position on the issues of the agenda will once again be alleged at this international conference.

In this context, we, non-governmental organizations of the Republic of Tajikistan call on the international organizations to refrain from participation in this disintegrating action.

We believe that in order to have objective appraisal and right view on real reasons of the Aral Sea tragedy and work out efficient mechanisms aimed at managing other trans-boundary environmental challenges of the region, it is necessary to have argued position of all interested parties, as well as establish constructive cooperation for the sake of prosperity of our nations and sustainable development of Central Asia.


Public and Ecological
Non-Governmental Organizations of Tajikistan
«Bars Consulting LLC» A.Latifi
«Youth Ecocentre» Y.Skochilov,
Candidate of Geological Science
«World harmony» T.Alikhanova
Foundation to Support Civil Initiatives M.Burkhanova,
Candidate of Economy
PNP International S.Negmatullaev, Academician
Association «Women of Sciences of Tajikistan» M.Yakubova, Academician
«Tajik EcoFund» M.Babadjanova,
Doctor of Biology
Alumni Association of Tajik Technical University – Tajik Polytechnic Institute Kh.Sadykov, Professor
«Panorama» T.Bozrikova, Candidate of Philosophy
Association of Development Partners B.Gafarov
«Vafo» F.Nazrieva
Tajikistan Association of the Power Engineering Specialists R.Musaeva
«Women electorate» R.Akhunova
Association of "Women with a Higher Education G.Bobosadykova
«Orzu» R.Tabarova
Coordination Council of Business Association and public organizations,
Union of Entrepreneurs and Exporters
Small and Medium Business Association of Tajikistan M.Uldzhabaeva